Q: Okay - what do you want me to ask you?

A: Well, how about Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Making Movies In Sweden But Have Been Afraid To Ask. Or why not How To Raise Sea-Monkeys?

Q: Let’s stick to the movie bit. So - you’re based in Sweden. Does that mean you’re making those slow, boring art-house films, custom made for obscure film festivals with an audience of five Belgian cross dressers?

A: Absolutely not! Yes, we’re situated in Sweden, but we’re into this thing because we love MOVIE MAGIC and having fun. Doing what we love to do. Besides, we’ve never been very keen on art house films. We’ve never been inspired by Bergman and that tradition of movie making, even though our staff writer would like to remake "Fanny and Alexander" and set it in space with nazi aliens and kung fu-fighting nurses taking long showers. A sure fire hit in Bangkok.

Q: Okay. So, if you don’t make the arty stuff, what is it you’re doing over there?

A: Entertainment. Solid entertainment. Besides making commercials and music videos, our main subject is to produce highly marketable genre movies in English for the international market.

Q: Genre movies?

A: Action, horror, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers…

Q: Does this mean you’re another of those low budget studios, jumping on the bandwagon, churning out straight to video-fodder whenever there’s a new trend, just to make a fast buck?

A: There’s one big difference here that separates us from most of our competitors. Genre movies is where we have our hearts! This is the type of movies we grew up with, the genres we loved and still love; the reason why we got interested in movies and movie making. And - we know these genres, we know the trends and we know the market.

Q: What do you have to offer that makes Solid Entertainment a unique production company?

A: Basically - we’re The Good Guys. We’re the guys in the white hats, the Wyatt Earps of the movie biz, the lone crusaders in a dangerous world, the world of… No, that’s the KnightRider, but you get the point. When others say "Let’s do a bergmanesque drama!" we say "Let’s party!" And we’re close to the continent. Not only can we see that new bridge to Denmark from our office windows - we can actually drive to Copenhagen to have a cocktail with a Danish partner, an investor, a member of the royal family. On the other hand, we won’t be able to drive back after that cocktail which suddenly became five, but it’s usually worth it.

Q: That didn’t answer my question, did it?

A: Probably not. I lost track there. Could you please rephrase your question?

Q: No. Let’s move on. Many filmmakers nowadays try to save money by “shooting digitally”.
Have you followed this video trend?

A: No way! We’re shooting all of our productions on 35mm stock. A movie should be shot on film, not video! Video can NEVER look as good as real film. And we never fell for that silly Dogme 95 gimmick. Dogme 95 was a good way of marketing films, but we prefer the good old way of marketing - you know, "See! A three-legged midget killer at large! See! A giant mutant badger eating Luxembourg!"

Q: I have this weird feeling that I’ve forgotten to ask you something…

A: Yes. You haven’t asked us about our other services, so why not surf around our site and read about all the good things we have to offer, the equipment rental bit and stuff. Solid Entertainment has also tried to save the rain forests, cure cancer, create world peace, but in the end, we decided to jump into a car instead and drive across the bridge for that tempting cocktail. We might be nice guys, but we’re only human.

Q: I have this one final question. What the heck is a Solid Person?

A: A Solid Person is a person who likes fast cars, to travel around the world, a person who knows how to mix a perfect cocktail, who has an air of class, who knows how to make an entrance, and who solves complicated crimes in his spare time.

Q: Doesn’t that pretty much sound like a Playboy Reader? Hey, did you steal this?

A: Wow, time sure flies - how about another cup of coffee?

Solid Entertainment AB,  Tessins väg 8B,  217 58  MALMÖ  SWEDEN